Admit it. You probably hate Sundays. I used to hate Sundays. Let’s bond on that. For one, it’s the day before Monday and we all know how those are, and two, it basically indicates that your weekend is, well, done. But did you know that the routine you set for yourself on a Sunday has a direct impact on the kind of week you end up having? It’s true! Many successful people, like Shannon Schuyler, swear by their Sunday routines, and I’ve gotta admit, once I started having one, it made my week so much easier to handle. Here are 5 things to do on Sundays to prepare you for the week ahead.

“You can never expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it.” Unknown

5 Things To Do On Sundays  To Have A Fantastic Week


5 Things To Do On Sundays To Prepare You For The Week Ahead- Create Your To Do List

To-do lists can be the bane of your existence or the best thing since sliced bread depending on how you look at things.

With so many things on our plate every day, a to-do list helps keep us organized and productive.

Creating a to-do list can seem daunting but trust me, it’s not. You can choose to use a physical journal (like the one I offer in my resource library for those who sign up for my newsletter) or a digital planner like Wunderlist.

I know there are many people who just like to have an “idea” of what they need to get done or just “wing it”, but those people tend to end up flustered, dying for the weekend to arrive. Don’t be those people.

Be sure to list the goals you want to achieve this week. These will include tasks related to work, home and yourself.

Once done, separate your tasks by due date, level of importance and the time it’ll take to get things done. Don’t pack too many things into one day.

Now you’re ready to tackle each task as the week progresses.


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With everyone so busy these days it’s a wonder we have time to keep our heads on straight much less plan our outfits on a daily basis.

There are too many tops, dresses and shoes to think about. Don’t even get me started on jackets, blazers and cardigans.

To save yourself a lot of trouble, why not plan out all your outfits for the entire week in about 30 minutes? Yup, 30 minutes or less!

Think about the events you have to attend. Do you have any meetings? Are there parties or social functions that you simply must go to?

Also be sure to check the weather because there’s nothing worse than wearing a turtleneck sweater when it’s hot enough to boil an egg on the sidewalk.

Once you have all your basics in front of you, go ahead, organize and prep them by date then hang them back in your closet.

You could also follow in the steps of Steve Jobs and wear the same outfit every day.

One less thing to think about.



5 Things To Do On Sundays To Prepare You For The Week Ahead- Plan Meals For The Week

Are you tired of coming home from work and being too darn tired to make dinner or looking for a snack but nothing’s there?

Me too, and preparing all of my meals for the entire week has literally changed my eating life tenfold!

Meal prep is one of my favourite things to do on Sundays. It saves me so much time and energy during the week, plus I always have a super yummy lunch on hand.

I started doing this once I moved to Japan and realized that I would not be able to eat the school lunches at any of my three schools.

As daunting as it might seem, meal prep can be super easy and it saves so much money because you buy things in bulk.

The first thing you need to do is to choose food that will last for a long time because the point of meal prep is to plan ahead.

If you’re trying to be more health conscious this is also the way to go.

Since you’re deciding beforehand it allows you to pick the right balance of proteins, carbs etc that you need to sustain yourself as you go about your day.

If you’re looking for a great mix of meals you can prep in 30 minutes or less, check out my Pinterest board here.



Have you ever cleaned your entire house and once you were done felt like you could take on the world?

No? Well, you should try it. When you clean your house/apartment you actually get a lot more things done.

Cleaning your house and taking out the garbage should be one of the first things to do on Sundays.

Think of your house in the same way you think of your brain. A cluttered mind cannot get things done and when your home is cluttered it becomes much harder for you to focus on the week ahead.

Having a clean house also makes it easier to find anything you need such as car keys, folders and other important files.

It’s also a bonus if your friends come over. They’ll bask in the awesomeness that is you #adulting it like a boss!


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I was listening to Oprah the other day, and she said that in the pursuit of success, many women forget to take time for themselves. They are just so busy doing it all they put themselves last.

I’m here to tell you, don’t do that. On my list of the 10 things all powerful women do daily, I explained that no matter how busy you are, you must take time for yourself.

Believe that you need the downtime. If you’re going to have a great week, then you need time to rest your mind and body.

You’ve done so much all week that you need time to just relax on the couch, sip some coffee and binge-watch your favourite movies.

Detox from social media for a few hours focus on yourself and practice self-care. If you need help getting started, click here to learn how to be good to yourself every day.



I’ve looked all over the internet at all the various things everyone tells you to do on Sundays to have a great week and you know what?

Not one blog, journal or encyclopedia tells you to invest in yourself.

So I thought I’d include it here as a nice, little bonus for you because sometimes we forget. Going to work, having relationships and trying to get it all done can cause us to forget to invest in yourself.

To become a #ladyboss or a successful Millennial Woman, you need to continuously learn and always seek to know more than you did the week before.

Here are some great ways to invest in yourself on a Sunday:

  • Take an online course
  • Look through Encyclopedias
  • Watch a documentary, or
  • Read some books or newspapers



I used to be the one who hated Mondays and just dragged my feet until Friday came around but it all changed once I developed a Sunday routine that made a difference.

Try out everything I suggested above and I guarantee that you’ll start feeling less stressful, less annoyed and not dread the alarm clock come Monday.

When you prepare for your week ahead of time, you walk into it much more confident and ready to take on all its challenges.

If you found this list of the 7 things to do on Sundays to have a fantastic week helpful, then you will enjoy these tips to help you overcome burnout as a busy Millennial Women.

Also, let me know. What’s your current Sunday routine? Do you feel productive with or without your routine? I love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts so please comment down below. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask me them in the comment section below. Please also like and share this post and sign up so you never miss a thing!

Until next time.

Peace, love and prayers.

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 Things To Do On Sundays | Things To Do On Sundays For The Week | 5 Things To Do Sunday | Successful Sunday Routines | Be Productive On A Sunday | How To Start Your Week Off Right | #sunday #success #productivity |Things To Do On Sunday To Have Productive Week
Things To Do On Sundays | Things To Do On Sundays For The Week | 5 Things To Do Sunday | Successful Sunday Routines | Be Productive On A Sunday | How To Start Your Week Off Right | #sunday #success #productivity #ladyboss
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