5 Ways To Overcome Low Self-Esteem

5 Ways To Overcome Low Self Esteem

I have heard so many times from so many people how intimidating I am or how confident I appear to be. Little did they know that I had been suffering from low self esteem for about half my life. I was never pretty enough. There was always someone smarter. Everywhere I went, someone was better. Now that I am in a much better place, I am here to give you 5 ways to overcome low self-esteem.

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-brake on.” Maxwell Maltz

Discover Your Worth

5 Ways To Overcome Low Self Esteem- Discover Your Worth

Discover Your Worth

Going through all the self-esteem issues that I had going on a few years ago, the best advice I ever got was “Discover your worth.” My version of this is “Discover your worth, and constantly remind yourself of it.” You are worthy. You are needed. Believe that.

One day, sit down and make a list of all the positive aspects of your personality. Also, think of anytime that you have made someone else smile or given a helping hand. Dwell on those thoughts. If you weren’t around, that smile wouldn’t have happened. Had you not been there, there would have been no-one to help out.

You make a difference in the world. Trust me, you do. I never thought that anyone really cared that I existed, but they do. Most importantly, I do. God does. Your family does. Also remember that you are unique and it’s okay if not everyone understands who you are and what you have to offer this world. What I will tell you is that those people who matter WILL get you.

If necessary, give yourself a pep talk each morning. Remind yourself that you are beautiful. You are strong. Your intelligence makes a difference and your eyebrows are on fleek. So go out there and SLAY!

Stand Up For Yourself

5 Ways To Overcome Low Self Esteem- Stand Up For Yourself

Stand Up For Yourself

Have you ever been that person who, when anyone says something about you that you don’t like, you just sit there and remain silent? Has there ever been a situation where you earnestly wanted to speak up and didn’t? Why do you think that is? Stop for a moment and think. Maybe it’s because you didn’t believe in the value of your voice or your opinion. I’m here to tell you that you need to stand up for yourself. You need to let your voice be heard.

Every time you are among friends or at a gathering and someone starts a conversation you really don’t want to be a part of, excuse yourself. That’s right. Do not take part in cruel conversations or conversations that will do nothing but bring you down. Furthermore, if those “friends” are always having the same conversations time and time again, maybe you should remove those people from your lives as they will do nothing for your self esteem.

In the spirit of not taking part in cruel conversations, I encourage you not to let others take advantage of you. Right up until the 9th grade in high school, I allowed myself to be a doormat. Whenever anyone wanted anything to be done, or needed an errand girl, I was that girl. When I finally stopped letting everyone walk all over me, it made such a world of a difference.

Find Your Sense Of Style 

5 Ways To Overcome Low Self Esteem- Find Your Sense Of Style

Find Your Sense Of Style

Do you have that one outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks? Is there a particular colour you enjoy wearing? No? Maybe you need to discover your unique sense of style and own it. If you love bohemian outfits or preppy suits, wear them with pride. Once you do discover your style, I encourage you to wear it with pride.

Be okay with creating your own path in the fashion world and it will translate into other aspects of your life. The more confident you become in your skin, the more confidence you will exude in the way you carry yourself. When you carry yourself with confidence and pride, the world will stop and take notice.

At the core of it all I am hoping that you will become more okay with being different and not care about what others think of you. When I moved to Japan I was as different from everyone else here as day is to night. The sooner I became okay with being unique and started expressing that in the way I dressed and carried myself, the less I started caring about others opinions. If you think I’m gorgeous, that’s super sweet of you and if you think I look like a troll, I’ve always heard they have great hair so win-win!

Invest In Yourself 

5 Ways To Overcome Low Self Esteem- Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the most effective ways for you to overcome low self-esteem. Speaking from experience, when I started looking into advancing my education and increasing my skill level, that is when my self-esteem really began to improve. 

After the disaster that was my last relationship, my self-esteem was at an all time low. I felt as worthless as a can of garbage. I had to make the conscious decision to spend less time focusing on the negative aspects of what happened, and more time focusing on what I needed to do for my future.

Some ways you can invest in yourself are:

  • Getting a makeover. Buy some new shoes or a new haircut. Play around with a few styles.
  • Continuing your education whether it be completing college or pursuing a graduate degree. The sky is the limit.
  • Learn new skills such as a new language (I’m learning Japanese) or get a hobby you love such as painting.
  • Exercising and getting into shape 
  • Making a mood board that will keep you inspired as you pursue your dreams

Spring Clean Your Life

5 Ways To Overcome Low Self Esteem- Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that an important life lesson you will learn is that you need to rid yourself of toxic people. I believe that the same applies to persons suffering from low self-esteem. This is because a lot of the times, the people who contribute to that low self-esteem are “friends.” Those “friends”, however, are not worth your sanity and not worth your time. Spring cleaning your life of those toxic people will be one of the biggest if not THE biggest step to overcoming low self-esteem.

On the heels of spring cleaning your life, surrounding yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you is worth it. Find persons who make you smile and remind you of just how awesome you really are. While you’re at it clean up your living space. Studies have shown that clutter and low self- esteem are correlated as they both reflect how you view yourself.

Here’s an idea. Take an ordinary mason jar and label it “Negativity.” The next time you are experiencing any sort of negative thoughts or emotions, write them down and put them into the jar. At the end of the week, burn all the pieces of paper. Replace the mason jar, rinse and repeat. This symbolizes that you are ridding yourself of those things that don’t matter such as those negative thoughts.


So there you have it. I have listed 5 ways to overcome low self-esteem and I encourage you to try them out.

If you are suffering from low self-esteem, feel free to contact me and we can have a one on one.

Take it from someone who’s been there, the world would be a much darker place if you weren’t around so don’t allow anyone to dim your light.


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Also, let me know, have you ever suffered from low self-esteem? If so, how did you handle it? Did any of them make the list? Comment below. Please also like and share this post, as well as support me on all my social media.


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Until next time. Peace, love and prayers.

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5 Ways To Overcome Low Self Esteem

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Comments (136)

  • Jill Nissen 2 weeks ago Reply

    These are wonderful tips. I recently needed to rid my life of a toxic person, and the hole it left in my life is real but I just keep reminding myself of the PEACE I have now. I love the idea of burning off negativity!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 2 weeks ago Reply

    Thank you so much sharing a bit of your experience. I know it can be difficult but it is great that you made that step. You are one step closer.

  • Karen 2 weeks ago Reply

    This is such a great concept! Working on loving ourselves is always a work in progress! These are great ways to make it happen

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you. I agree. When I started loving myself alot of the other steps kind of fell into place.

  • Jamie 2 weeks ago Reply

    I have definitely struggled with low self esteem for a lot of my life up until my mid-20’s where I feel like I really found myself. I think where I’m at right now, as a 32 year old woman, is not so much a lack of self esteem…just maybe not believing in myself for various reasons…mostly career-wise. The one tip I like from your list, that I don’t do enough, is invest in yourself. I think I’m just going to do that with something I’ve been thinking about investing in!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I feel like we are so much alike based on what you said about not believing in yourself sometimes but I find that just going for it and trying your best really helps squash the fear that resides inside. Do not let the fear of failing prevent you from achieving the impossible.

  • Kathryn Van Prooyen 2 weeks ago Reply

    What an awesome post.!! I really need to get rid of all the negativity and toxic people out my life as I know they are bring me down. I can’t do it anymore. So that’s what I’m going to be working on in 2018. Thanks so much for sharing.!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    You are so welcome. I am glad you recognized that they are toxic. That is the first step. I’d love to hear yor progress aas you rid them from your life. Stay blessed.

  • Jeanette Radmall 2 weeks ago Reply

    This is such an inspiring pick me up post! I had low self esteem for so long but my husband taught me to stand up for myself and to know that I was worth it! Great suggestions and reminders!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    You are so welcome. I am thrilled to hear that you have a husband that supports and loves you. Keep at it hun

  • Joan Cajic 2 weeks ago Reply

    These are really great tips and I think I need to find my own style because I have just been winging it and get totally confused on what I kike and don’t like anymore.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Hmm. Maybe you could make two piles on your bed and really sort through those outfits that make you feel BOMB and the so-so ones. Afterwards stick to outfits reminiscent of the BOMB pile.

  • Amber Myers 1 week ago Reply

    I love this! I used to have poor self esteem. But as I grew older, I cared less what people thought about me. Now I think I’m pretty dang awesome!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I bet you are pretty awesome just from your comment. Silence all the outside voices because at the end of the day if you love yourself that is all that matters.

  • Cait 1 week ago Reply

    wow these are really great tips esp when needing to overcome something big like low self esteem!Thank for this!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    You are so welcome. I really hope that the tips help someone struggling out there to take the steps to become better

  • Jessica Taylor 1 week ago Reply

    I am so glad I am finally starting to stand up for myself! I have never felt better about my confidence!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Congratulations on that! I am happy to hear that too. Keep making strides forward in your growth

  • Rashida 1 week ago Reply

    Thanks so much for the post, these are some great tips 🙂

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    You are so welcome. Thank you for reading

  • Agentszerozerosetter 1 week ago Reply

    Loved this post, helpful points for everyone! Delete negative things and believe in myself is my everyday mantra!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Fantastic mantra to have. Being positive can completely change your outlook on life.

  • Lucy 1 week ago Reply

    Another fantastic article! Dee you are very inspirational and really knock the nail on the head. I like the idea of the jar with the negative thoughts, I think I will try that out as there are always those bad days.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you so much for your continued support. I always enjoy reading your comments and please do let me know how the jar method works out ofr you.

  • Luci 1 week ago Reply

    Growing up I did have low self-esteem because of the way I looked. I was ‘too tall’ for everyone but I learned to love being tall.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I had the same problem because I have always been a tall girl but look at the bright side: you can reach lots of high places and being at the back of the crowd does not obscure your view.

  • Jessica CK 1 week ago Reply

    Very good points! I especially agree with investing in yourself. I think the growth of your knowledge, experience, expertise is what will organically fuel your confidence. At least that’s how it happened for me!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you for sharing that tidbit. I firmly agree that investing in yourself really helps build your confidence to such a high level. Keep it up sweetie.

  • #4 is so so true!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you so much!

  • Sarah Bailey 1 week ago Reply

    Low self esteem is such a horrid this to have to deal with, it is great there are ways to combat it and as someone who suffers greatly I am going to have to look through all these ideas 1 by 1.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Please have a look through and let me know your thoughts. Low self esteem can really cripple your life if not handled.

  • Rose 1 week ago Reply

    Spring clean your life. Lighten that load. I would say I have a good and caring group of ladies in my circle. I don’t lack self esteem but sometimes have my down and antisocial days. These are some great tips to make a slow and steady improvement into a more positive attitude.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Wow! I love the “lighten your load” part of your comment. You are so right toxic people are such weights on us and we need to let that weight go. Thank goodness that you have such positive people in your life.

  • Gingermommy 1 week ago Reply

    It is so important to overcome low self esteem. This is a really fantastic post.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you so much. It is and I learned it the hard way

  • Christie Brown 1 week ago Reply

    I’ve always had pretty low self esteem. Investing (and believing) in myself is definitely something that I need to do more! I took a leap and got a Diploma two years ago and it did wonders to my feeling of self-worth. More Christie investments in 2018, I say! 🙂 x

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Yes girl! Yes! Invest in yourself and become an even stronger and more motivated woman than you already are. Please keep me up to date. I’d love to hear your progress.

  • Ola 1 week ago Reply

    Spring clean your life… I LOVE that! It makes a world of difference when you get mean, toxic people out of your life.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Yes. Toxic people have no place in our lives.

  • I really enjoyed reading this post. Once you know your worth… The possibilities become endless.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Yes knowing your worth will set you on the path to surpassing your potential as a person.

  • Marxie 1 week ago Reply

    This is indeed a very inspiring post. I also have a very low self esteem. I’ve been always like that ever since I was a kid. I’m happy to have read some of the comments here saying they have found their selves and improved. Hopefully, I can be like them in the future. Haha

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I am keeping you in my prayers. I really hope these tips help you and that one day you will look at yourself and see the greatness that I see in you. Bless.

  • Mayuri Saxena 1 week ago Reply

    This is such an inspiring post. I suffered from low self-esteem in my early 20s and then I realized that it is affecting me mentally as well as socially. Then I realized that it’s important to love yourself first and be more self-compassionate to get out of the mess. These are some awesome ways to overcome low self-esteem that we all must practice daily. 🙂

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I loved hearing your story and am honestly happy that you have gotten to a much better place. Keep working hard and loving yourself.

  • Self esteem is important for mental and health as well as our mind body and soul.

  • Ana De- Jesus 1 week ago Reply

    I 100% agree with spring cleaning your life, especially when there are toxic people in your life. I also agree that it is so important to stand up for yourself and to stand up for others too. Its important to know your own self worth.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Knowing your self worth, I believe, is the first step to becoming better.

  • I suffer from low self esteem because I’m constantly comparing myself to others. It’s a vicious battle that I fight with all the time.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I was that person and I had to make the conscious decision to stop listening to outside voices and stop comparing myself to others because we all are the same at the core. No one is better than anyone else.

  • Jess 1 week ago Reply

    I totally agree, I think exploring your own personal style is a great way to overcome low self esteem. Granted, people have LSS for many complex reasons, but there’s something so liberating about discovering your own style that can help people break down the barriers and come out of their shell.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I understand that many people have many complex factors contributing to their low self-esteem. I do think that these are a good start though.

  • Sachin Kumar 1 week ago Reply

    Wow I loved your ideas to gain confidence and self esteem especially the investment in self, exercising to gain shape and keep ourselves away from toxic people.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you so much 😊😊

  • Courtney 1 week ago Reply

    I came across this at the most perfect time. After delivering my second child, my self esteem is at an all time low. I think finding my personal style will be super helpful to me. I need to find myself again!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Congratulations on the birth of your child. I haven’t had a child but have friends that went through a similar period of time as you. Give yourself time to heal and recuperate then get back into the game. You’re right. Maybe a good makeover will give you a boost.

  • Oyinkan 1 week ago Reply

    Knowing your self worth is so important. It increases self esteem

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Yes it surely does.

  • This is wonderful! My fave is to Spring Clean your life – there is something really satisfying to get something cleaned – small accomplishments add up to big results! Thank you <3

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    You are so welcome hun. I think i enjoy spring cleaning my life the most. It really helps me to focus on what needs to be done instead of worrying about unnecessary people and things

  • Siti Aana 1 week ago Reply

    You mentioned some great points. Taking notes!!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply


  • Suzanne Spiegoski 1 week ago Reply

    I think one of the most powerful ways to overcome low self-esteem is to use your voice. Either verbally, or in writing, or even in silence, these are all ways to communicate your worth. xo, Suzanne

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I agree. The day I found my voice was the day my self-esteem went to a whole new level.

  • Amber Myers 1 week ago Reply

    I love these tips! I used to have low self esteem but I find as I get older, I care less what others think of me.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Good for you! I’m glad you have silenced those voices that don’t matter!

  • Patricia-Ann Que 1 week ago Reply

    as a style blogger, it helps a lot to boost my confidence knowing my own style and how others perceive me. i always want to be a stand out and when I can do this, it does help my self esteem! great article especially for the teens this days!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you so much

  • Rhonda Albom 1 week ago Reply

    These are really good tips, especially the last. I love a good spring clean every now and again to declutter and reorganize myself. I grew up with a lot of low self-esteem and I was so worried that my daughters would as well. But I’m glad they’ve managed to find their own confidence and style.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    It’s really nice hearing stories from people of all backgrounds who have experienced similar things as I have. I am glad that you spring clean every now and then. Keep at it.

  • David Elliott 1 week ago Reply

    I certainly know what you mean about feeling low after the failing of my marriage. I just felt like things were at an all time low and I was at fault. Worst of all, I felt like my ex was going to take my daughter away and that our relationship would be damaged permanently.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Oh no! I understand how you must have felt but you what? It gets better. Take your time and rebuild your life. You are so much more than a spouse. Trust me, you’ll be fine in a bit.

  • Amber Stanfield 1 week ago Reply

    I wish I could have read this in high school! I struggled with low self esteem much of my life; I was always too dark, too fat, or not pretty enough. I didn’t develop any semblance of a self-esteem until I went away to college, and even now, it’s still a little shaky. I guess it’s true what they say: “the wounds of adolescence take a lifetime to heal.” Out of all of your helpful tips ,the one I need to use the most is Standing Up for Myself. I still struggle with this. I’m passive, and people always feel that they can say anything to me, or treat me less than. I’m learning to speak up, and protect myself more. Thanks for this post!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Wow! Sweetie. I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that. People can be so mean at times which never helps those of us suffering in silence. But like you, I was a very passive person and you’re right. Once you start letting your voice be heard and standing up for yourself, it will be such a life changer!

  • This came at the perfect time. I needed this article for a friend. Thank you for taking the time and writing this!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    You are so welcome sweetie. I truly hope they help your friend out.

  • Angela Milnes 1 week ago Reply

    This post is going to really help a ton of people. I know it has already helped me so much.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Aaww thank you so much. That means so much.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I’m really glad to hear that

  • Loved what you wrote about spring cleaning life and getting rid of negative people. Was just contemplating on this today morning. Will try out your jar advice. Thanks much.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    You are so welcome. We tend to have alot of toxic people in our life and it is time to get rid of them.

  • Jennifer L 1 week ago Reply

    Wow these are great ways to boost the esteem. I personally love investing in ourselves because it helps us see our worth.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    I think when I started investing in me, that’s when the biggest changes started happening

  • Blair villanueva 1 week ago Reply

    Our relationship to ourselves is the most challenging one so it is better to establish a strong foundation. If we are not confident enough, then we can expect to be confident for others.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    That is so true. In the same way if we cannot love ourselves first then we can’t love others.

  • This is such a great list of ways to overcome self-esteem. I don’t have low self-esteem but I do feel low and down at times. These five things can also help with that.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    That’s really great. Keep believing in yourself.

  • Anna 1 week ago Reply

    Lovely read and very empowering. It’s good to be reminded from time to time especially when we have those “downs” in our life. Thank you.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Aww thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it

  • Blair villanueva 1 week ago Reply

    Investing to yourself is the best way to boost confidence. You carry it with you anywhere, and gives you positive vibes.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    That is very true. Once you invest in you, you do carry that knowledge and feeling with you

  • maritza baez 1 week ago Reply

    this is so important today when people can get overwhelmed by feelings of low self esteem. I definitely agree be more organized and cleaned helps me feel better. I will practice all of these tests.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you. I hope this post helps you have a good year😊

  • Terri Beavers 1 week ago Reply

    I need to learn to have your confidence. I always struggle with standing up for myself too. I need to use all of your tips and have a more productive 2018 with positive self esteem.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    It took a while for me to get to where I am today but I guarantee that once you start working on your self-esteem you will go so far.

  • Natalie 1 week ago Reply

    You provide excellent advice! Investing in yourself is so important, and self-esteem is definitely an area I can work on myself.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Thank you for saying that. I really appreciate it. I wish you the best on your journey.

  • Shana 1 week ago Reply

    Standing up for myself and investing in myself really did help me boost my self-esteem.
    These are some really great tips! Great post!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    You’re welcome. I’m really glad you were able to learn how fantastic you really are.

  • Ana Ojha 1 week ago Reply

    You have given some amazing tips! I so agree with you that investing in ourselves is so important. It not only helps us in gaining new skills but makes us happy!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 week ago Reply

    Yes it really does. Investing in ourselves should be top priority.

  • Edwin Prasetio 7 days ago Reply

    Love reading your share. Please let me add that self-esteem is remarkably reached on strong bonding and intimacy of a family. Parents’ guidance and caress to their kids will develop strong self-esteem of kids that will endure till they’re grown up.. Great sharing, Dee.. (y)

    My Dee Dee's Diary 7 days ago Reply

    Thank you so much! I agree that parents have a huge role in the self-esteem of their kids. Thank you for visiting 😊 😊

  • Kitty 7 days ago Reply

    Well this a motivating post :)… Thank you for these tips… I always standup for myself and that helps me to boost my self esteem 😀

    My Dee Dee's Diary 7 days ago Reply

    Good for you. So happy to hear that you are constantly standing up for yourself.

  • Shawna 7 days ago Reply

    First of all let me say, these are all really amazing tips, especially for someone that really wouldn’t know where to begin to build their self esteem back up! I have personally dealt with low self esteem. One thing that I have noticed is that whenever it happened, it was circumstantial. Some event caused me to feel that way. The biggest thing that I have done was yes, knowing my self worth. It seemed that once that was accomplished, all else fell into place and other steps could be taken then. I think that one is tje biggest! I could then spring clean the toxic folks from my life because I knew I was worth more than their negativity or anything they brought me. I could invest in myself because I knew I was worthy of it. Etc…. I guess it’s easier for me to bounce back because I know those certain circumstances will pass and it will then be just me to bring myself back up. Great tips here amd awesome reminders. Thank you!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 7 days ago Reply

    Wow! Hearing your story and how you went about growing your self-esteem is truly amazing. I really enjoyed reading your journey and you are so right. Increasing your self-esteem really begins with finding your worth. Once that happens, every other step becomes that much easier for you to do.

  • georgia boanoro 7 days ago Reply

    Such a well written article on a very important topic! Thank you for sharing, I agree with each point, especially with ‘Invest in Yourself’

    My Dee Dee's Diary 7 days ago Reply

    Thank you so much! I truly appreciate those kind words.

  • Kim 6 days ago Reply

    I know living with low self esteem can be so difficult! You’ve really given such great tips!

  • Gerome of G&D Blog 6 days ago Reply

    What a great post to read to begin my 2018! Honestly, I hate having moments of having low self-esteem, but at the end of the day, I am glad that I can overcome this. And I think, investing for myself is what I need more. So far, writing and creating content is what I’m wanting to do and I’m loving it. 🙂

    My Dee Dee's Diary 5 days ago Reply

    That’s fantastic. I hope 2018 sees you doing great things.

  • Laurence 6 days ago Reply

    Wow, thanks for these advise. Sometimes I feel this too. But I try to think positive to overcome my low esteem.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 5 days ago Reply

    You are welcome. I believe the more you utilize these simple steps it’ll definitely help boost your self-esteem

  • Rachel 6 days ago Reply

    These are all such great ideas and as a trainee Psychologist I would support them all!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 5 days ago Reply

    Thank you so much. Coming from you that means alot.

  • Sarah Bailey 5 days ago Reply

    I have suffered low self esteem for as long as I can remember, I am going to have to sit and going through these tips and try and bring them into my own life.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 4 days ago Reply

    I am so sorry to hear about your low self-esteem but it’s okay. You have recognized the problem and are willing to work to get better. I wish you the best.

  • Jersey Girl Cooks 4 days ago Reply

    These are all great tips to help with low self esteem! I think the idea about burning your negativity is great to get rid of those negative thoughts!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 4 days ago Reply

    It really helps to see the physical `disappearing` of those negative things. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Nina 4 days ago Reply

    Several months ago, I made a jar of self affirmations. I just wrote down all the things I like about myself on little pieces of paper. The idea is that they are there when I need them. I love this entire list. At the end of the day, we need to take care of ourselves as much as other people.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 4 days ago Reply

    This is wonderful. I have little sticky notes with the same things everywhere. When I need to smile I just look at them.

  • lavandaMichelle 4 days ago Reply

    These are really great tips. It wasn’t until I got my own sense of style in middle school that I blossomed into a better me.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 4 days ago Reply

    That is great! Embrace your style and your uniqueness and never ket anyone try to quench that fire within.

  • David Elliott 3 days ago Reply

    All of those things there can certainly help. Trying to find your sense of style or the things about you that you like is very important. And cleaning up the clutter and the mess helps as well.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 days ago Reply

    Yes I believe that getting these 5 steps done can make a huge difference in your self-esteem.

  • Tiia 2 days ago Reply

    Nice tips and post!

  • mj 2 days ago Reply

    Its true, education and high standard skills make your self esteem boost and be competitive among others. I have a very poor self esteem but this year I’ll make sure to work on it and give myself all the credits and boost my self esteem.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 day ago Reply

    That is great. Good on you for deciding to take the steps needed!

  • ohmummymia 2 days ago Reply

    I love your tips especially that one about investing in yourself. I think every person should try to do that

    My Dee Dee's Diary 1 day ago Reply

    Thank you. I believe investing in yourself is investing in your self-esteem too.

  • Sincerely Ophelia 15 hours ago Reply

    Inspirational and so true. Must need for anyone out there who has no confidence because confidence is key!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 11 hours ago Reply

    Thank you. I agree. We need to believe in ourselves

  • emmanuel damian 13 hours ago Reply

    I think the most important thing is to Discover Your Worth. You need to be confident with your own skin.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 11 hours ago Reply

    Yes that is very true. Confidence in yourself is key.

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