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Daeyna Jackson

Hi there!

My name is Daeyna Jackson, a belief-awakening speaker, purpose-driven writer and a personal development blogger who's been blessed by God and dedicated to helping you unleash your limitless potential, magnify your belief and create a life of impact.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica by two very awesome parents who sacrificed alot of their dreams to ensure that my sisters and I could realize ours, I have always been driven to create a life that was bigger than I could see in front of me. Who knew that God would send me down a path that led to me being able to help others do the same?

A few years ago, I went through a split-rock moment. My Prince Charming betrayed me and that experience led me down a dark path of depression, revenge, and thankfully, deliverance. God used that experience and many more afterwards, to show me that regardless of my past and the horrible mistakes I might have made, there was still a bright future ahead, I just needed to believe I was capable of creating that future for myself.

"God did not give us a spirit of fear. He gave us power, love, a sound mind.... and confidence."

About My Dee Dee's Diary

My Dee Dee's Diary started out as an online diary for my former self "Dee", a shy girl who refused to show her true self to anyone but the mirror and hid behind her talents, job and hobbies. At the time I had just moved to Japan and was going through a horrible experience and felt the need to rant and rave to anyone who would listen. Through tons and tons of trial and error, and failures, the website is what you see before you today.

No matter your age, background or the struggles you’ve faced, you will achieve your dreams and you can have the kind of life you want. You just need to believe in yourself twice as much as you believe in anything or anyone else then act accordingly. Everything on the website is dedicated to getting you to a place of confidence, success, abundance and fearlessness because once you become fearless your life becomes limitless.

"The phrase 'do not be afraid' is written 365 times in the bible. That's a daily reminder from God to live fearless every single day."

I am here to serve you in any way I can. Having surrendered my life, goals and mission to God, as He leads me I aspire to transform the life of everyone I come into contact with. Whether it's a touch, hug, laughter or a conversation, you will leave the encounter thinking of yourself in a whole new light.

Each of us has the ability to lead a life of impact, and through the FREE content I offer on my website, and YouTube, paid webinars and events or any other service I offer, that is what I always aim to do. This world that we live in needs more people who believe they can transform lives. 

If you're looking to start believing, acting and doing differently from this day forward or be the best version of yourself every single day, I'm here to help you to rise by lifting you up as far as I can.  

"I'm not interested in your limiting beliefs. I'm interested in what makes you limitless."

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