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When you are thankful for what you have, you will have everything you could ever need.

About Me- My Dee Dees Diary

Who Am I? About Me

Hi there! My name is Daeyna (Dee) Jackson and I am a blogger, artist, fashion designer and illustrator. I can constantly be found with a sketchbook in one hand, a tablet in the other and a vision in my heart. I am a sucker for a good, cold day and a great episode of “Doctor Who” or “Grimm.”

Four years ago, I went through an experience that has changed my life forever. I was broken. I also felt overwhelmed and unworthy of any help from those closest to me. I have since gotten my breakthrough, and have dedicated my life to helping others who might be going through similar situations, or struggling in their everyday adult life. 

What Can My Dee Dee’s Diary Do For You? About Me

About Me- What Can My Dee Dee's Diary Do For You

On this blog I am excited to give you tips, tricks and advice for living the best life that you can.  I will try my best to provide advice for overcoming everyday struggles, encouragement for when you need it, along with DIY tutorials and any other tricks to make your life that much easier.

I want to make as much of an impact as I can while I can. Encouraged by a wonderful and supportive group of friends and family, I have made the move to follow my dreams, give back, and have not looked back since.

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What Can You Do? About Me

About Me- What Can You Do

I value your feedback. Let’s have a conversation. Leave your comments below each blog post. Give me your advice and let me know what topics you want me to cover. Let’s connect. Follow me on all my social media and invite others to do the same.  Say hi! Start a blog! Share ideas!

I truly believe that every individual can become their own kind of artist. You are unique so discover your story, grab a pen and write!


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