Daeyna Jackson

LET ME HELP YOU UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS AND CREATE A LEGACY THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN. My name is Daeyna and two years ago I made the powerful decision to leave everything behind and move to Japan because I wanted to change the world.... and you can too! Regardless of your past or the mistakes you might have made, God gave everyone a gift and a purpose, and my job is to help you use those gifts to change the world! Trust me, It's not as hard as you think and I'm here to help you along the way. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica by two very awesome parents who sacrificed alot of their dreams to ensure that my sisters and I could realize ours, I have always been driven to create a life that was bigger than I could see in front of me. I wanted to change the world. Who knew that God would send me down a path that led to me being able to help others do the same? A few years ago, I went through a split-rock moment. My Prince Charming betrayed me and that experience led me down a dark path of depression, revenge, and thankfully, deliverance. God used that experience and many more afterwards, to show me that regardless of my past and the horrible mistakes I might have made, there was still a bright future ahead, I just needed to believe I was capable of creating that future for myself.

How To Be Self-Confident Without Being Cocky

How To Be Self-Confident In Yourself Without Being Cocky

Have you ever met someone whose level of confidence rubbed you the wrong way? It’s like they went from being powerful and confident in themselves to becoming arrogant, cocky and unbearable. Self-confidence and arrogance are two completely different things. Confidence is a strength that comes from within yourself because you know who you are and […]

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