Never Give Up Never Surrender

Are you always giving up? Are you tired of never seemingly getting anywhere in life? Read on to find out how to never give up never surrender and why.

Our greatest weakness lies in the fact that we give up. The best way to succeed, is always to try just one last time. To never give up never surrender.“Thomas Edison

Giving Up never give up never surrender

Never Give Up Never Surrender- Giving Up

Giving Up

I have to admit. I used to give up alot. Whenever something seemed too hard, or if it seemed like it would take too much effort, I was done. It seems like such a silly thing to admit, but for many, this is an incredible internal struggle that only seems to get stronger as we grow older. For human beings, giving up is the easiest decision to make. For us it means that we no longer have to seemingly deal with a situation. We no longer have to fight for what we want. We can just go through life on the easy, broad road because there will be no-one there to object. But is it really worth it? Will giving up really get you what you want? No. It won’t.

When I was in 6th form in high school, most of the students were applying for college. At the time, I wanted to go, but I never really thought of how I would go. It might seem like a no-brainer if your parents are relatively rich or well off, but mine were not. My mother and father worked very long hours and sacrificed a huge portion of their lives to send my sisters and I to school on a daily basis. There were times when I envied the other students who had “Burger King” lunches, and came to school in chauffeured cars while I took the bus. At times I wished I had it that easy.

Applying For College never give up never surrender

Never Give Up Never Surrender- Applying For College

Applying For College

The college application process, for many, entails filling out forms, and in the tuition field it is commonplace to insert *name of the parent or financial institution which would be responsible for that part of the process. In every direction I turned, the people around me would tell me to write “Student Loans,” but something inside, that small voice said no. One week before our applications were due to be handed in, I told my mom that I would not be applying for student loans as I did not want to have that burden after completing college. What I didn’t tell them is that I believed that God would supply a scholarship for me. At the end of that short conversation, I was made to sign up for student loans.

I spoke to a teacher of mine about possibly applying for scholarships, and with her encouragement, I applied for every scholarship that I would have been eligible for. The scholarship count totaled thirty-two. School was set to start in September of the next year, and in late July I was approved for student loans with an additional grant to purchase textbooks for school. I was ecstatic. This was it for me. The story, however, doesn’t end here. 

The Scholarship never give up never surrender

Never Give Up Never Surrender- The Scholarship

The Scholarship

School began and it seemed that all hope of me ever receiving a scholarship had long passed. I went through my days struggling with the fact that I would be bound to these student loans until the day I died. Exactly two weeks after school started, I received a call from the Ministry of Education. They wanted to interview me for one of the scholarships I had applied for.

With an umbrella in hand, and donning a clean, crisp shirt and pants, I walked into the office. There were approximately fifteen other students waiting in the lobby. All wore matching black suits, and had messenger bags or briefcases resting on their lap. I thought I had no chance of ever going up against them, and succeeding. BoyI have never been so happy to be so wrong. Two weeks after the interview, while I was walking home at 7 PM, I got a call. I had gotten the scholarship. This meant that all of my tuition, miscellaneous fees, medical costs, book rentals and transportation costs to school would be covered for the next three years. I had received my promise and not a moment too soon.

Encouragement never give up never surrender

Never Give Up Never Surrender- Encouragement


tell this story, not to boast about my “free ride,” but to tell you to never ever give up. When that voice inside tells you that something is too hard, shove a snicker down its throat because “you‘re not you when you‘re hungry.” Colonel Sanders was an old man when he sold his first piece of fried chicken. If he had given up, we wouldn’t have the awesomeness that is KFC today. If Steve Jobs had given up, we wouldn’t have the might Apple Incorporated that exists today. In fact, we’d probably still be banging away on our Motorola Razors. (Just kidding. I loved this phone!)

I encourage you to chase your dreams. Reach for the stars, and you might just land safely on a cloud. Don’t you dare give up before the race has even started. Do not let the fear of defeat prevent you from even trying. I stopped giving up a long time ago, and I ended up living in a beautiful place in Japan with a job which has allowed me to discover a part of myself I never even knew existed. Can you imagine what life would probably have been life if I had stopped giving up sooner?

Whenever I need a quick reminder, this song “Good Fight” by Unspoken always reminds me that I can and I will.

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Comments (47)

  • mscapricorn 3 months ago Reply

    Reblogged this on Mom & Student Blogger and commented:
    Some great inspiration and motivation! Don’t give up!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much! I promise I will not give up!

    mscapricorn 3 months ago

    Thank you. I won’t either.

  • Bee Baker 3 months ago Reply

    Great post! Thank you very much for sharing your inspiration story to motivate others!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    You are so welcome. It was definitely a hard road but I am glad I went through it as it has made me better

  • stephferg82 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes we all need to here inspirational stories when things are though. I definitely needed this today. ☺

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Aww I’m really glad that my story was able to inspire you today. Makes me smile

  • RAWLINGS BLOG 3 months ago Reply

    inspiring and motivating. never to give up on one’self. keep fighting and giving your best till you achieve your desired goal.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much. I will 😊

    RAWLINGS BLOG 3 months ago

    Check out my blog too and place a comment. Thanks

  • Bawn Natural 3 months ago Reply

    I’m so in love with the side pics in your post…Love the story too

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much sweetie!!

  • basedonyoubytye 3 months ago Reply

    This is so true. My biggest struggle is giving up. At one point I even felt like giving up on my blog because it wasn’t as popular as I thought it would be. However I’m glad I didn’t because I was able to meet a lot of other amazing bloggers and we were able to interchange information that helped me to improve my blog. Thank you!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much. I am so glad you shared your story. You are so right. At times we feel like giving up, but reaching our true potential is so much more important. Bless you and I wish you even better success.

  • Wilby's World 3 months ago Reply

    Good for you girl! What an awesome and inspiring story. I totally agree that sometimes you can be your own biggest enemy, but the rewards are so great if we can push past that!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you for the kind words. I think if we just push one more time, even when it’s difficult, we’ll get through it😊😊

  • raisinghumanbeans 3 months ago Reply

    Wow!!!! How amazing. I am so happy for you that this happened. And it is so true… it usually gets better after it is the hardest. We just have to push through.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Amen. Thank you so much. It might seem difficult at times when we first try something but it never pays to give up. Be blessed!

    Sarah 3 months ago

    I so agree. And reading this a second time I just agree more and more! Trials are real! But so are blessings.

  • Dianne 3 months ago Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have found myself giving up almost after every semester of college and often times just want to take the easy way out. I knew I would regret it. This just proves to me that when you put your heart and mind to it, God blesses you in amazing ways.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    You are so welcome. Sometimes when it seems like it’s time to give up that’s when your breakthrough is coking. Never give up. You can do it

  • Lovely inspiration

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you sweetie

  • mssparkleandglow 3 months ago Reply

    Amazing read hun, this has truly encourgaed me especially because im going through a rough patch right now so thank you for your words of encouragement

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    You are so welcome. I know you will get through this patch. Keep moving

  • teaaddictsanonymous 3 months ago Reply

    I have a very similar situation. My parents do in fact have money but would not pay for my college, leaving me ineligible for need-based financial aid (that I actually so desperately needed). I ended up getting a full ride at a school, hating the school, and left with “no options.” I took a leap of faith and transferred to a school that would require me to work very hard to pay for and ended up getting a full ride just weeks before the start of The semester! God is sooo good!

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    God is truly amazing. Thank you for reading. I read your post and it truly made me smile 🙂🙂

  • Gareth 3 months ago Reply

    Interesting story!

    I agree with not giving up. There’s nothing positive that comes from giving up. It’s just a fear-based action. I think people just see it as an ‘easy’ way to rid themselves of pain/suffering that they’re facing from not getting what they want.

    It’s far more rewarding to just plow through and come out the other side a winner. Giving up should never be an option.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly. Giving up does nothing but prevent you from fulfilling your destiny

  • Denise Smith 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story to inspire us to keep on going, keep up the good work.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much. I will

  • damondnollan 3 months ago Reply

    Wow! That’s a great story, Dee Dee! Congratulations on achieving what you set your mind out to achieve. It is stories like this that inspire us to keep striving and going through even the darkest of nights.

    Keep writing these positive posts, you’re making a difference.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Awe I’m so happy to hear that. At times it didn’t feel like it but I will keep moving forward and doing my best

  • topknotchonline 3 months ago Reply

    Wow!! what an encouraging read. I’m currently pushing to achieve some of my goals so this was a very appropriate post. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes victory can seem so far away, but with a bit of persistence it is achieveable.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Yes. Just keep on believing and fighting and you’ll make it

  • Arvind Sudarshan 3 months ago Reply

    Thank You.

    deesdiaryweb 3 months ago Reply

    You are so welcome

  • Liton Biswas 3 months ago Reply

    Yes. Giving up is a major barrier for our success.

    Thanks for reminding this.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    You are so welcome. Thank you for commenting

  • Tereka 3 months ago Reply

    So inspirational!! Thanks for sharing and congrats for audacious faith. I will not give up.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Thank you so much. Please don’t ever give up

  • Amanda RIpsam 3 months ago Reply

    I am so glad our paths have crossed we have a lot of things in common, I love how you shared so open and honest and I am glad you are sharing about your faith and not giving up.

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Wow. Thank you so much. It’s amazing how many things we can have in common with someone who we have never met. I’m so glad you took the time to read and comment. I hope we can connect

  • jhilmil 3 months ago Reply

    Heart touching story … God bless you overcame all of this and truly emerged as a winner … Yes , we have to give up sometimes , but only to start working on something more bigger or better idea’s … Like Plan B … but the key is definitely keep going 🙂

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Yes we should definitely keep going no matter what

  • Shelby @Fitasamamabear 3 months ago Reply

    It’s not easy to push through but it is worth it! Dig your heels in and keep rocking it 🙂

    My Dee Dee's Diary 3 months ago Reply

    Yes. Thank you sweetie

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