Question: How Can I Decorate My Diary?

How can I make my diary more attractive?

You might want to add a photo of something you saw that day, which may be accompanied by a story…or, it might not.

Try cartooning a diary entry.

Particularly if you’ve never drawn before, this can be a fun thing to try to make your diary interesting.

Write a daily entry in haiku, or another kind of poem for variety..

How can I decorate my diary first page?

Make the first page count.Write your name, the title of your diary in large letters.If you want, you can add a message that says “TOP SECRET” or “KEEP OUT”, but be warned, if someone finds your diary, this will most likely make them want to read it even more.Use lots of bright colors.More items…

What should I write in my secret diary?

10 Things You Would Write In Your Diary If You Had One TodayYour Travel Goals. Giphy. … Details About The Person You’ve Been Crushing On. Giphy. … Aspirations And Hopes You Have For The Future. Giphy. … A List Of Things You’re Grateful For. Giphy. … A Rant About Your Bad Day. Giphy. … A Dream Plan You Want To Make Reality. … Your Horoscope For The Day. … An Insightful Quote You Don’t Want To Forget.More items…•Aug 6, 2018

How can I hide my diary?

Hide your diary in a shoebox or tissue box As long as you keep a fair amount of tissues on top and never let the box become empty, a tissue box is the last place someone would expect to find your diary. You can keep it on your end table, or even beside your bed.

How do I write a crush in my diary?

Tips for your crush diary:When writing, don’t be afraid of what someone else will think. … Be consistent. … Keep it safe. … Don’t be afraid to reread what you’ve written, whether it’s yesterday’s entry or something you wrote a month ago. … Write out your hopes and wishes in your crush diary.More items…•Sep 4, 2020

How do you make a simple diary at home?

A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Your Own Secret DiaryIntroduction: A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Your Own Secret Diary. Writing a diary is fun. … Step 1: Gather All Materials. … Step 2: Seal the Sheets of Paper. … Step 3: Put Covers. … Step 4: Decorate Your Diary. … Step 5: Add a Lock. … Step 7: Start an Entry.

How can I decorate my personal diary?

How to Decorate DiaryStep 1: Decorating Cover. Sticking photos and stickers on the cover will give a nice look or cut out pics from newspapers and magazines and sticking them on the cover with glue will also look great. … Step 2: Decorating From Inside. … Step 3: Starting the Diary. … Step 4: Make a Boomark. … Step 5: Always Keep Your Diary Locked!!!

What should I write in my first page of my diary?

Start writing about your day.Write about the person you’ve been thinking about lately. Write about what this person said to you, and about what someone else told you about him/her. … Write about what is making you happy. Write about what is making you sad.Write a story. The diary doesn’t even have to be about you!

How can I start my diary?

There are three key ways to successfully start a diary:Be excited – look forward to engaging in this fun and productive habit.Be reflective – reflect on yourself and those around you, use your diary to consider the state of the world.Write freely – don’t hold back, write about whatever pops into your head.Oct 26, 2017

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11 DIY Home Decorating TipsSet The Tone at The Front Door. Alamy. … Paint Wall Colors Light and Neutral. Bruce Buck. … Living Area: Make Sure Your Sofa Talks to Your Chairs. … Let The Sun Shine In Your Kitchen. … Hang at Least One Mirror in Every Room. … Scale Artwork to Your Wall. … Layer Your Lighting. … Anchor Rugs Under Furniture Feet.More items…

How do you make a diary creative?

Create a writing routine.Write something. Even if you don’t feel like writing in your diary one day, just write down a few sentences. … Unless you want to hide it in a special place, keep your diary somewhere that you’ll see it every day. That way, you’ll be reminded to write.