Question: How Do You Make A Cute Notebook?

How can I decorate my notebook?

10 Ways to Decorate School NotebooksChalkboard.

Perfect for the doodler who might need to change the design on a regular basis.


Washi Tape.

Puffy Fabric Paint.

Coloring Page.


Customizable Binder Covers.

Duct Tape.More items….

How can I decorate my diary?

How to Decorate a Diary or JournalStep 1: Use Jeans U.u. Use jeans. … Step 2: Use Nailpolish. Use different and colourful nailpolishes to decorate the cover of your notebook/journal. … Step 3: Using Alphabet Stickers. This I am word collage book is awesome! … Step 4: Use Fabric. … Step 5: Use Ribbon. … Step 6: Use Shapes. … Step 7: Use Washi Tape.

What can I do with used notebook paper?

Plan on putting it in the trash. If you can separate the rings from the plastic, they can be recycled with other metal products at your local recycling center. The notebook paper, dividers, and the cardboard inside the plastic cover of the notebook can be placed in the recycling bin along with all your other paper.

How do you make a 100 page notebook?

Fold all your papers in half. I made 5 folded booklets of 10 papers each. This equals 100 total pages. Stack these on top of each other, making sure they are even and place the cover atop these, making sure to line it up evenly with the booklets.

How do you make a secret diary?

Create your custom secret diary with just a few, simple clicks.Click on the CREATE SECRET DIARY button;Upload a photograph or graphic design of your choice. … Position, crop and rotate the image with the help of the real-time preview;If you want, you can add text or a special phrase;More items…

How do I cover my notebook?

Washi Tape Pencils and Notebooks Attach strips of colored tape in rows onto the notebook cover, and you will have a journal that is pretty and one-of-a-kind. Wrap matching washi tape around pencils to coordinate with your notebook.

How do you make a homemade notebook?

Make Your Own Notebooks!Step 1: Gather Your Materials. … Step 2: Prepare Your Paper. … Step 3: Prepare the Cover. … Step 4: Prepare the Spine Holes. … Step 5: Thread Your Needle. … Step 6: Sewing Time! … Take the needle through the top hole, pulling tight but without pulling the extra thread through. … Take the needle back through the middle hole.More items…

How do I make a notebook on pages?

Making notebooks from blank or graph paperRip out all the blank pages from the notebook, taking care not to rip the pages. … Fold the pages and the cover paper in half. … Place the folded pages inside the folded cover. … Center the folds all together and hold them in place with clothes pins.Flip the book with the cover up.More items…•May 29, 2017

What can you do with notebook paper?

You can use a blank notebook to bullet journal, track your habits, plan your life, or do just about anything….30 Ways to Use a Blank NotebookHobby Journal. … Lists of 100. … Dream Diary. … Sketchbook. … Daily Events. … Lettering Practice Book. … Time Tracker. … Plan a Wedding or Party.More items…