Question: What Is Diary And Example?

What chronicle means?

1 : a historical account of events arranged in order of time usually without analysis or interpretation a chronicle of the Civil War.

2 : narrative sense 1 a chronicle of the struggle against drug traffickers.



chronicled; chronicling\ ˈkrä-​ni-​k(ə-​)liŋ \.

WHAT IS A Daybook?

A daybook is a book of original entry in which an accountant records transactions by date, as they occur.

Why is it important to write a diary?

Writing a diary allows you to focus on your writing without worrying about your audience or what anyone else will think. And doing it regularly helps to improve your thinking processes, and can even help you become more creative in how you think.

What is called Diary?

A diary is a record (originally in handwritten format) with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period. … In British English, the word may also denote a preprinted journal format. A diary is a collection of notes.

How do you write a diary entry example?

GUIDELINES FOR DIARY WRITINGA good diary writing contains the place, the date, the day and even the time of writing. … A diary doesn’t need any formal heading. … The style and tone is generally informal and personal. … As the diary is writer’s personal document, the diary entry doesn’t need any signature.More items…•Oct 8, 2018

What is the rule of diary entry?

A Diary should be written in the First Person and not in the second or third, i.e. – I went to the port (not he went to the city). A Diary doesn’t need to be formal it can be written in an Informal style. Signature of the writer to give it much need authenticity.

What is a secret diary?

Secret Diary is a very simple application to use which lets you write daily thoughts, ideas and memories with a simple user interface.

How many paragraphs is a diary entry?

Answer. in a diary entry, we write our feelings and incidence that happened with us. so we should write as many paragraphs as we want on the basis of how many things we want to write. it can be upto 2-3 paragraphs.

How do you write a Grade 7 diary entry?

How to write a diary in English for class 7?Put day, date and time on the extreme left-hand top corner of the page, one beneath the other.Write down the key points you would like to celebrate.Start writing after leaving one line from the extreme left corner of the page.It is written in the first person.More items…

What are the elements of a diary?

Terms in this set (7)Diary. Daily record of a writers thoughts expierences and feelings.Heading. Date on which the diary entry is made.Interference. Logical guess based on information from the text.First – person point of view. … Simile. … Ellipse. … Personification.

What is the opposite of diary?

What is the opposite of diary?disorganisationUKdisorganizationUSmisordermuddlederangementmesschaosdisarraydiscombobulationshambles4 more rows

What is the most famous diary?

The Diary of a Young GirlWith more than 31 million copies sold in 67 languages, The Diary of a Young Girl(best known as The Diary of Anne Frank), is often said to be the most widely read book in the world outside of the Bible.

How do I start just writing?

8 Great Ways to Start the Writing ProcessStart in the Middle. If you don’t know where to start, don’t bother deciding right now. … Start Small and Build Up. … Incentivize the Reader. … Commit to a Title Up Front. … Create a Synopsis. … Allow Yourself to Write Badly. … Make Up the Story as You Go. … Do the Opposite.

How can I write diary?

Writing Diary EntriesBrainstorm what you’re going to write about. … Ask yourself questions. … Write down your answers. … Pick a format. … Make them different. … Don’t be hard on yourself while you’re writing. … Keep your thoughts in order. … Get your creative juices flowing.

How do you explain diary entry?

A diary entry is a section of writing that has been organized by date. The entries within your diary are how you organize the thoughts, feelings and opinions you are pouring into it. They break up your diary into smaller pieces. Think of them like chapters of a book.

How do you make a secret diary?

Create your custom secret diary with just a few, simple clicks.Click on the CREATE SECRET DIARY button;Upload a photograph or graphic design of your choice. … Position, crop and rotate the image with the help of the real-time preview;If you want, you can add text or a special phrase;More items…

What are the types of diary?

Diary TypesAcademic Diary. An academic diary can take some the stress and hassle out of your life by making sure you manage your responsibilities for school better. … Food Diary. Food diaries are an excellent way to track what you’re eating. … Health Diary.School Diary.Secret Diaries.Wedding Diary.Work Diary.Electronic Diary.

What is another name for diary?

SYNONYMS FOR diary 1, 2 journal, daybook, log, chronicle.