Question: What Is The Opposite Of Redamancy?

What’s another word for confusing?

What is another word for confusing?ambiguouscontradictorybewilderingcomplicatedmisleadingperplexingpuzzlingunclearmuddlingmysterious228 more rows.

What does pristine mean?

1 : belonging to the earliest period or state : original the hypothetical pristine lunar atmosphere. 2a : not spoiled, corrupted, or polluted (as by civilization) : pure a pristine forest. b : fresh and clean as or as if new used books in pristine condition.

What is Kalopsia?

a condition, state or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they really are. As a combination of the Greek roots kallos, meaning beauty, and opsis, meaning sight (or opos, meaning eyes), in English kalopsia can also mean beautiful sight or with beautiful eyes.

Why is self-denial important?

Self-denial puts you in charge of your thoughts and feelings and not at the mercy of them and this is useful when you’re feeling low or obsessing about something. To have the power to stop thinking about that which upsets you is an advantage. It is no good just denying yourself things.

What does Bible say about self denial?

The key, the first step, the gateway to entering into a fruitful joyful discipleship relationship with Him is to “deny yourself”. Matthew 16:24–26 (NKJV) “Then Jesus said to His disciples, ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.

What is practicing self-denial?

Self-denial (related but different from self-abnegation or self-sacrifice) is an act of letting go of the self as with altruistic abstinence – the willingness to forgo personal pleasures or undergo personal trials in the pursuit of the increased good of another. …

What is a word for unspoiled?

What is another word for unspoiled?intactperfectvirginundebasedunspoiltspotlessvirginalsanitaryunmarredsalubrious109 more rows

What is another way to say long lasting?

What is another word for long-lasting?enduringlastingperpetualfaithfulimperishableunendingtimelessunfadingunchangingageless58 more rows

What is a Cynophilist?

: a dog fancier : one that is favorably disposed toward dogs.

What’s the opposite of self denial?

Antonyms for self-denial. indulgence, self-indulgence.

Is Redamancy a real word?

Redamancy –noun: The act of loving in return.

What is the opposite of unspoiled?

Antonyms: corrupt, stale. Synonyms: good, unspoiled, undefiled, unspoilt, undecomposed, uncorrupted.

What is the opposite of confusing?

What is the opposite of confusing?clearplaincogentlucidperspicuousintelligiblepelluciduncomplicatedarticulatedirect90 more rows

What is the opposite of denial?

denial(n) Antonyms: affirmation, acceptance, avowal, confession. Synonyms: negation, rejection, disclaimer, disavowal, controverting, abjuration, disacknowledgment, refusal, abnegation, renunciation.

What are three ways of practicing self denial?

What are three ways of practicing self-denial? giving up a dessert, kneeling while we pray, doing an extra chore, etc.

What does baffling mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to defeat or check (someone) by confusing or puzzling : to confuse or frustrate completely : disconcert Her behavior baffled her parents. 2 : to check or break the force or flow of by or as if by a baffle (see baffle entry 2) baffle the steam.

What is the word for confusing?

Baffled, confused, mystified, at a loss, or. (Humorous) To throw into a state.

What is a Nemophilist?

Nemophilist (pronounced ne-‘mo-fe-list), is an obscure word that hasn’t really been used for over 100 years. It means someone with a love or fondness for forests, woods, or woodland scenery, or someone who often visits them – a ‘haunter’ of woods.

What means self indulgence?

: excessive or unrestrained gratification of one’s own appetites, desires, or whims.

What is the most perfect kind of self denial?

Libermann affirmed the absolute necessity of self- denial: “The true means of preparing yourself for a great gift of prayer is the most perfect self-denial … Once entirely empty of every creature and yourself, you will be disposed and ready to receive the Spirit of God with abundance” (ibid).

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