Quick Answer: How Do You Tell A Guy That He Smells?

How can u tell if your breath stinks?

You may be able to tell if you have bad breath by cupping your hands over your mouth and nose or licking the inside of your wrist, and smelling it.

Bad breath is often caused by poor oral hygiene.

Brushing and flossing regularly can go a long way towards remedying this condition..

Can guys have a fishy smell?

Fishy, rotten, or foul-smelling semen isn’t normal. Eating certain foods — like asparagus, meats, and garlic — or drinking a lot of caffeine or alcohol can make your semen smell pungent. Try limiting these foods to see if your semen smell returns to normal after a few days.

How do you tell someone they need to shower?

Tell them they stink. Just do it when they’re alone so they don’t get all embarrassed and tell them: “You need to shower more often. Or bathe, but I personally prefer showering. Feel free to bathe instead, but do something.”

How do you tell a colleague that they smell?

Do NOT Leave ‘Hints’. You might assume to begin with, that the most respectful way to tell a colleague that they smell, is by leaving small ‘clues’ to prompt them into doing something about it. For example, you might decide to leave strategically placed cans of deodorant or body spray near to the person’s desk.

Why does my tooth smell like poop?

Abscessed tooth An abscessed tooth is a severe dental infection. It occurs when the pulp inside the tooth decays. This may lead to a bacterial infection, which can result in pain, swelling, and breath that smells like feces due to a buildup of pus.

How do you tell a guy he stinks?

Just tell him in a polite way. One day when he comes close to you and has an offensive body odor, just tell him to go and shower to get rid of the body odor before he comes close. You can buy some nice smelling soaps, shower gels and air fresheners.

Can you refuse to work with someone who smells?

A: At minimum, this is a matter of one employee being allowed to disrupt working conditions, intentionally or not, for multiple colleagues. You don’t want to embarrass or gang up on Gus, but you also can’t pretend the problem doesn’t exist: You can’t work effectively with or near him because of the smell.

How do you tell someone that you don’t like them?

The direct approach can be good because you don’t leave them hanging and because you don’t leave room for ambivalence, so they can move on to someone else. For example, you could use the line, “I appreciate you asking me, but no thank you.” You could also say, “No, I’m not looking to date right now.”

How do you tell someone they stink without hurting their feelings?

Choose your words wisely so that you do not offend them. Words like ‘stink’ and ‘you smell’ are too strong for such a sensitive matter. But you could say, ‘I am only telling you this because I care and if it was me, I would want someone to let me know’. This will make them embarrassed.

Should I tell someone they smell bad?

Conversations about body odour should be private, Blais Comeau advises. “If it’s somebody you’re on good terms with, have the conversation,” she says, adding that a superior doesn’t need to be involved. Other methods, such as an anonymous note left on a desk, may make the person feel attacked or isolated, she adds.

What causes a fishy smell in a man?

Prostatitis is an acute inflammation of the prostate gland in men. It’s caused by a bacterial infection. It can progress quickly. The bacteria in the urine can cause it to smell like fish.

How do you tell someone they are amazing?

5 Ways To Tell Someone You Think They’re AwesomeSay it behind their back. Gossip is nasty but the most efficient way to get information back to someone is to say it behind their back. … Do them a really big favour. … Be very specific with your words. … Send them a thank you card. … Recommend them for something.

Can a person vomit feces?

While it sounds unpleasant and unusual, it’s possible to vomit up your own fecal matter. Known in medical literature as “feculent vomiting,” throwing up poop is usually due to some type of blockage in the intestines.

Why does my boyfriend’s breath smell like poop?

Sinus and respiratory infections can cause your breath to smell like feces. These can be caused by bronchitis, viral colds, strep throat, and more. When bacteria move from your nose into your throat, it can cause your breath to have an incredibly unpleasant odor.

Can other people smell my period?

Generally, period blood smells are not noticeable to other people. A person should aim to bathe daily to improve unwanted odors. Additionally, during menstruation, they should change a pad every time they go to the restroom and change a tampon every few hours.

Why do guys smell bad down there?

Men are especially vulnerable to this in the groin area due to testicles that can rub against their skin, creating friction, and increasing sweating. The extra sweat can attract fungus and bacteria, which leads to bad smells.

Is body odor a disability?

No employment law specifically addresses body odor as a disability, but some courts have ruled that certain situations of body odor or perceived disability do, in fact, count as a disability under the ADA. The definition of disability according to the ADA is a wide one.

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