Quick Answer: Is It Rude To Say Please And Thank You?

Is saying forget it rude?

You say ‘Forget it’ in reply to someone as a way of telling them not to worry or bother about something, or as an emphatic way of saying no to a suggestion.

“Sorry, Liz.

I think I was a bit rude to you.”—”Forget it, but don’t do it again!”.

How do you say thank you meaningfully?

Other Ways to Say “Thank You So Much” and “Thank You Very Much” in Writing1 Thank you for all your hard work on this. … 2 Thanks again, we couldn’t have pulled this off without you. … 3 Thank you, you’re amazing! … 4 I’m so thankful for everything you bring to the table. … 5 Thank you kindly.6 Thanks a million. … 7 Many thanks.More items…•May 17, 2019

When should you say thank you?

Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 SituationsSay “Thank You” when you’re receiving a compliment. … Say “Thank You” when you’re running late. … Say “Thank You” when you’re comforting someone. … Say “Thank You” when you’re receiving helpful feedback. … Say “Thank You” when you’re receiving unfair criticism.More items…

What can I say instead of please?

other words for pleaseamuse.charm.cheer.entertain.gratify.satisfy.tickle.wow.

Can you end a letter with thank you?

Two of the most common options for closing an email or letter are “thank you” and “regards.” Learning when and how to use these closings can help you end a professional message positively.

Why do people say please and thank you at the same time?

In essence, when you say “please” or “thank you” you are asking and then thanking the individual for making the choice to take on a task or activity. Contrarily, when you don’t say please or thank you to someone for a task, they feel like they had no choice in the matter and thus no power.

Is it rude to say please?

If you ask someone to do something in a rude or controlling manner, saying please does not make it OK. And by adding the word please, it can come off as both patronizing and condescending. In the same ways it can be misinterpreted for exactly the same reasons, even though you might think it to be a fair request.

How do you end a sentence with thank you?

The following options will cover a variety of circumstances and are good ways to close a thank-you letter:Best.Best regards.Gratefully.Gratefully yours.Kind thanks.Many thanks.Sincerely.Sincerely yours.More items…

Is Thank you sir rude?

“Thank you, sir” can be ambiguous. It can be a kind, formal way of appreciation or a sarcastic, insincere way of disregarding a person’s input. It all depends on the tone and the context. In the case of your manager saying this, it is a polite way to show gratefulness.

Is it OK to say yes sir?

Sir is generally fine. Huh, down here miss definitely seems more condescending. Like you’re addressing them as a child or younger person.

Is thank you a complete sentence?

Yes. ‘Thank you. ‘ is a complete sentence in itself. It is an IMPERATIVE SENTENCE.

Is no thank you rude?

No thanks is not more rude than no thank you, it is just more informal. Someone could interpret that as rude, if they are very touchy, but no thanks is definitely not rude to say.

Is the phrase please and thank you rude?

Originally Answered: Is the phrase please and thank you being presumptious? Absolutely. Presumption is often rude.

Should you use please and thank you?

Use please to politely ask for something, thank you or thanks when someone does something for you or gives you something. Finally, use you’re welcome as a polite response when something thanks you for something.

Is it flirty to say yes sir?

It’s all about the context: Depending on the conversation/mood “yes sir” is and stil used by many women when talking to their husbands or boyfriend’s. She can say it in a: sarcastic, playful, flirtatious, or respectively manner. It all depends upon the female, the conversation and how she feels at that moment.

Is Please keep in mind rude?

Please keep in mind that this is not a polite thing to say and we say it when we are angry or unhappy with someone who is not minding their own business. You can also say it about yourself if you realise that you’ve made a mistake by asking a question that is quite personal.

Is not saying please rude?

A request without “please” can be interpreted as a demand. The absence of a “thank you” can be interpreted as an absence of gratitude. Not saying “you’re welcome” can be interpreted as saying “your request inconvenienced me” which is not generally acceptable for polite conversation even if it’s accurate.

What does thank you sir mean from a girl?

Sir is simply a term of respect for someone, it doesn’t allow me to delve into her feelings for you or give me any kind of an indication as to her psyche as to why she does it. You would have to provide more information about this girl because just by that, I cannot confirm much for you, I am sorry, sir!

What is polite in the USA?

In the United States, most people consider it polite, and a demonstration of sincerity, to look each other directly in the eye, at least in intervals, when having a conversation. … It is as rude to stare or comment about someone’s body in America as it is anywhere else.

What kind of phrase is thank you?

Thank You as Two Words As a verb phrase, “thank you” is always two words. Or to put it another way, you should always use two words for the act of thanking someone: Thank you for walking my dog.

Does thank you all need a comma?

If you are telling someone “thank you” directly, you always need a comma after “thank you.” This is the most common way of using the phrase, so in most cases you will want that comma. You should also put a comma or a period after “thank you” if it’s the last part of a letter or email before your name or signature.

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