Quick Answer: What Is The Quality Or State Of Being Physically Strong?

What do you call someone who is physically strong?



physically strong, with big muscles..

What strengths mean?

1. The state or quality of being strong; physical power or capacity: the strength needed to lift a box. 2. The capacity to resist attack; impregnability: the strength of the ship’s armor.

What is the quality of being cruel?

The quality or condition of being cruel; inhumanity; hardheartedness.

What word means the quality of being powerful?

strength. noun. the ability of something to support a force or weight without breaking.

How do you describe a very strong person?

1 mighty, sturdy, brawny, sinewy, hardy, muscular, stout, stalwart. 4 potent, capable, efficient. 5 valiant, brave.

How can you say someone is physically fit and strong?

WORDS RELATED TO PHYSICALLY FITable.able-bodied.acclimatized.brawny.burly.capable.enduring.firm.More items…

What is the quality or state of being strong?

strength – nounstrength – noun – the quality or state of being strong, a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.

What is the quality of being strong?

the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power. mental power, force, or vigor. moral power, firmness, or courage. … effective force, potency, or cogency, as of inducements or arguments: the strength of his plea.

What type of word is weakness?

noun. the state or quality of being weak; lack of strength, firmness, vigor, or the like; feebleness. an inadequate or defective quality, as in a person’s character; slight fault or defect: to show great sympathy for human weaknesses.

What is the word for emotionally strong?

torrid. adjective. full of strong emotions, especially sexual emotions.

What is the meaning of physically strong?

No matter what you define it as, on a basic level, physical strength is your ability to complete physical tasks using your own strength. These physical tasks greatly vary, so there’s no specific body mass index or body composition or weight that you need to lift which defines how much physical strength you have.

What are some words for strength?

other words for strengthclout.courage.durability.energy.power.stability.toughness.vigor.

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