Quick Answer: What Word Is Special?

How do you say the most special?

What is another word for most special?grandestgreatestmost exceptionalmost extraordinarymost festivemost especialmost historicmost importantmost momentousmost smashing13 more rows.

What’s the meaning of unique?

: very special or unusual. : belonging to or connected with only one particular thing, place, or person. See the full definition for unique in the English Language Learners Dictionary. unique. adjective.

What does special mean in slang?

adjective. retarded, or simply unintelligent. We all know you’re special, Danny.

How do you use the word special?

Special sentence exampleIt’s nice to have that special respect. … I have a special board on which I play these games. … It was rude to act this way to hosts who had invited them into their home on such a special occasion. … Grand is the characteristic, in their conception, of some special animals called “heroes.”More items…

Who is a special person?

1. adjective. Someone or something that is special is better or more important than other people or things.

What is the world’s best word?

What Is The Most Beautiful Word In The World?“Cellar Door” One of the most famous theories comes from Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, who proposed in a 1955 speech that “cellar door” is the most beautiful word (or phrase) in the English language. … Words With Positive Connotations. … “Tremulous” And More. … Beautiful Words In Other Languages.May 16, 2018

What is another word for magical?

What is another word for magical?supernaturalmagiccharmedimaginarywonderfulmarvellousUKspellbindingmarvelousUSmetaphysicalfascinating232 more rows

Is special an adjective or adverb?

Special is a common adjective. Specially is its adverb form. Special means “particular, distinguished in a distinct way, or designed for a particular purpose.” Specially means “particularly, in a disintguishing manner, or for a particular purpose.”

What is the noun for special?

That in which one specializes; a chosen expertise or talent. A particular or peculiar case. An attribute or quality peculiar to a species.

What is an example of special?

Special describes something that is superior, great, or unique or something that is only for specific people. An example of special is a limited edition of an art print. An example of special is an extra effort made to be nice. An example of special is a really smart person’s intelligence.

What are special sentences?

There are few Special-Sentences which are too commonly used but which are grammatically and idiomatically correct. This sentence is a two-part sentences, but this one does not have a conjunction such as ‘and’ or ‘or’. … But his sentence is grammatically correct.

How do you say very special?

Special synonymsunique. Being the only one of its kind: … extraordinary. Going far beyond the ordinary degree, measure, limit, etc.; very unusual; exceptional; remarkable. … particular. … extravaganza. … important. … specific. … express. … remarkable.More items…

What is the root word for special?

1200, “given or granted in unusual circumstances, exceptional;” also “specific” as opposed to general or common; from Old French special, especial “special, particular, unusual” (12c., Modern French spécial) and directly from Latin specialis “individual, particular” (source also of Spanish especial, Italian speziale), …

What is abstract noun for special?

Answer: we can use exceptional, particular, unusual, marked, singular, uncommon, notable, noteworthy, remarkable, outstanding , unique as abstract nouns for special.

What are the coolest words?

60+ of the Coolest, Most Epic Words in the English Language#1–15#16–30#31–453. Bizarre18. Flippant33. Onomatopoeia4. Blasphemy19. Gerrymandering34. Persnickety5. Bumblebee20. Hyperbolic35. Phosphorous6. Capricious21. Hypnosis36. Picturesque11 more rows•Nov 30, 2019

What is the noun of incredible?

incredibility. The quality of being incredible; incredibleness. That which is incredible.

Is special a verb or noun?

Adjective. special, especial, specific, particular, individual mean of or relating to one thing or class.

What are some special words?


What’s a better word than special?

What is another word for special?uniquedistinctpeculiarrareuncommonunusualaberrantabnormalanomalousatypical214 more rows

What is the most beautiful word?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words3 Pluviophile (n.)4 Clinomania (n.) … 5 Idyllic (adj.) … 6 Aurora (n.) … 7 Solitude (n.) … 8 Supine (adj.) … 9 Petrichor (n.) The pleasant, earthy smell after rain. … 10 Serendipity (n.) The chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way. … More items…•May 13, 2019

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