What I Like About You Things To Say?

What are reasons you love someone?

100 reasons I love youYou make me happy.You dare me to be a better version of myself.You follow me and you push me.You love me in the times when I’m not capable to love myself.You love me in times when I act like I don’t love you.You forgive me quickly.You understand me.

You respect my boundaries.More items…•Mar 27, 2018.

What do I love most?

My husband, who my main man and best friend.Meeting people who inspire me with their spunk, spirit and passion – even when they don’t realise it!Learning new things.Travel.Sleep ins and naps. This girl loves her sleep and she loves to sleep in. … Comfy shoes.Having red hair. … Dogs.More items…•Oct 29, 2019

How do I become more likable?

In this guide, we’ll go through how to be likable in a real and authentic way.Develop your sense of humor. … Be a good listener. … Give people your undivided attention. … Practice not judging. … Be authentic. … Dare to be warm and friendly right away. … Smile, but not all the time. … Combine being humble and confident.More items…•Dec 9, 2019

What are some things I like to do?

15 things I like to do.Sex. Sorry, J.D., but that was the first thing that came to mind. … Spending time with DF. Whatever we’re doing – housework, a symphony concert, grocery shopping, gardening, poking around the library – it’s all wonderful because we’re doing it together. … Reading. … Writing. … Blogging. … Coaching. … Puns! … Walking.More items…•Apr 16, 2018

How do you identify what I like to do?

So here’s a step-by-step plan for pinpointing your passions—and four ways to help you start turning them into your career.Remember What You Loved as a Child. … Eliminate Money from the Equation. … Ask Your Friends for Feedback. … Read through a University Course Catalog. … Identify your Professional Hero.More items…

How can I be more likeable in psychology?

Here Are 16 Psychological Tricks to Immediately Make You More LikeableCopy the person you’re with. … Spend more time around the people you’re hoping to befriend. … Compliment other people. … Try to display positive emotions. … Be warm and competent. … Reveal your flaws from time to time. … Emphasise shared values. … Casually touch them.More items…

What I Like About You messages?

Reasons Why I Love You MessagesI love you because I love everything about you.I love the way you make me feel when I am with you. … I love the way you walk, talk and laugh.I love how loyal you are to me.You just make me feel so good.I love how even when you’re not right next to me, I still feel you with me.You are the best, you are amazing!More items…

What do you write in 50 things you love about you?

Here are some reasons/ideas:You are an amazing Dad to our kids.You can make me smile for no reason.You always make me laugh.You send me flowers for no reason.You make me think positive when I’m negative.You can see the best in me.You cook me dinner sometimes.You always come up with crazy things to do.More items…•Nov 16, 2011

What are 5 things you love about me?

100 Reasons Why I Love You ListI love the way you look at me.You make me feel like I’m the only person in the world.With you I can be myself.I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.When we’re together, all my problems disappear.You make my heart smile.You know me better than I know myself..More items…•Jun 26, 2018

What is most romantic saying?

You will always be beautiful to me and I will never stop loving you. I love you more today than yesterday, and I will continue to fall in love with you, over and over again, until the day I die. I will hold your hand and be your soft place to land.

What makes someone captivating?

But what exactly makes them so captivating? They’re curious more than anything else. An interesting person is always excited to explore the world, and this energy radiates outward. Some people are naturally interesting, but there are also ways to learn to be more engaging.

What are things to like about someone?

10 Things That People Love About YouYour Courage. Think of all the hardships you’ve been through. … Your Energy. You work harder and give your time to those you love a lot.Your Ability to Love. Your friends and family are around for a reason. … Your Passion. … Your Sense of Humor. … Your Creativity. … Your Positivity. … Your Looks.More items…•4 days ago

What things do I love?

100 Things I LoveGoing to the city with my little family the week of Thanksgiving.Sunny days.The first snow.A house full of people.Routine.Laying on the couch watching movies.Foot rubs.The smell of a spice shop.More items…•Nov 30, 2018

What can I say instead of love you?

Romantic Ways to Say “I Love You”I love you to the moon and back again.We fit together like puzzle pieces.You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.You complete me.I can’t believe you’re mine.You are a beautiful person inside and out.I am here for you…always.I’m yours.More items…•Dec 16, 2019

What do you write in a jar of love?

LOVE NOTES IDEASTHANK YOU MESSAGES. Write a reason why you are grateful for your sweetheart. … TODAY I LOVE YOU MORE BECAUSE… Make a note of what makes you love your dear one more than you did yesterday.GOOD MEMORIES. … HAPPY MESSAGES. … DATE IDEAS.Feb 15, 2020

What do you like most about yourself answers?

10 qualities you love about yourself?The 10 things I like about myself are: 1) my positive attitude. … in no particular order: I love my smile. … My ability to make people laugh. All of my ideas for the future. … That GOD is in my life, … I have a good sense of humor. … I am a genuinely nice person. … I love that I’m stubborn. … I always liven up the people I’m around.More items…

What makes you instantly like?

They are genuine. Being genuine and honest is essential to being likeable. No one likes a fake. People gravitate toward those who are genuine because they know they can trust them. It is difficult to like someone when you don’t know who they really are and how they really feel.

What do u love most in me?

10 Things I Love About YOUYour smile. I don’t care if your teeth aren’t perfectly straight and bright white. … Your self-respect. … Your courage. … Your passion. … Your creativity. … Your positivity. … Your kindness and compassion. … Your unconditional acceptance.More items…•Jun 11, 2013